Deploy LookML with confidence.

Move fast, but don't break things. Spectacles tests LookML before you merge so Looker runs smoothly for all your users, all the time.

1 in 3 LookML changes contain undiscovered errors.

Your team’s reputation depends on shipping bug-free LookML. Hearing that a dashboard is broken or incorrect is stressful and embarrassing.

Catch SQL, data test, and content errors before they hit production.

Find SQL errors before your users do

Looker’s built-in validator doesn't check for SQL errors, only LookML syntax errors. Spectacles finds SQL errors by running queries in your database, ensuring your Explores actually work.

Take testing off your to-do list

Spectacles tests your Explores 11x faster than you could. Because Spectacles integrates with your version control system, every pull request is automatically vetted before it hits production.
"Spectacles is the tool we didn’t know we were missing."
David Wallace, Staff Data Engineer, Dutchie

Prevent database changes from breaking Looker

LookML changes aren't the only culprits—simple changes to columns in your data warehouse can break content without you knowing. See how data warehouse changes will affect Looker before they go live with our dbt Cloud integration.

Stop accidentally breaking dashboards

Our improved content validator confirms that changes to LookML won’t wreck the vital dashboards your users depend on.

Validating content in Looker is tedious. Spectacles excludes legacy errors and errors in personal spaces so you can focus on problems that matter.

Cutting-edge data teams use Spectacles.

Stop stressing about Looker today