Deploy your LookML with confidence.

Spectacles automatically tests your LookML to ensure Looker always runs smoothly for your users.
Full GitHub Integration
Tests Every Pull Request
Built By Looker Users
Why Spectacles?

Move fast—but don't break things.

Automated testing allows developers to keep their speed of development high, without compromising on the quality of their code or the quality of data they produce.

"Spectacles has increased our deployment velocity and our users now have increased confidence in our data."

Akshay Ajbani
Business Intelligence Engineer

"Spectacles ensures we have a high quality data environment, allowing stakeholders to fully trust our data."

Katherine Lu
Data Scientist

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

Find SQL errors before your users do.

Looker’s built-in validator uncovers LookML syntax errors, not SQL errors.

Spectacles finds SQL errors by running queries in your warehouse, ensuring your dimensions actually work.

Prevent data warehouse changes from breaking Looker.

Upstream warehouse changes to column names or types can break Looks and Dashboards without you knowing.

Run Spectacles tests on a schedule or on schema change pull requests to stay in sync.

Automatically test every pull request.

Clicking through Explores and content to eradicate errors is time-consuming and tedious.

Spectacles automatically integrates with GitHub so every pull request is vetted.

Return to Looker with a single click.

Context switching is bad for productivity.

Spectacles links errors directly to the offending LookML so you can debug at full speed.

Validate complex assumptions.

Go beyond usability by launching your Looker data tests via Spectacles.

With Looker data tests you can define flexible assertion expressions, and Spectacles will include them in your test suite.

Stop accidentally breaking dashboards.

Spectacles integrates with the Content Validator to confirm changes to LookML won’t bork your vital company dashboards and Looks.

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