Deploy your LookML with confidence.

Spectacles automatically tests your LookML to ensure Looker always runs smoothly for your users.


"Spectacles warns us about inaccuracies in our metrics. It's part of our change deployment process and keeps the gold standard of trust in our data and visualizations."

Garegin Ordyan
Senior Director of Analytics

"Spectacles has increased our deployment velocity and our users now have increased confidence in our data."

Akshay Ajbani
Business Intelligence Engineer

"Spectacles helped us complete the puzzle of ensuring holistic test coverage and delivering great data assets. It’s the tool we didn’t know we were missing."

David Wallace
Senior Data Engineer

Move fast—but don't break things.

Find SQL errors before your users do.

Looker’s built-in validator uncovers LookML syntax errors, not SQL errors.

Spectacles finds SQL errors by running queries in your warehouse, ensuring your LookML actually works.

Automatically test LookML before deploying.

Clicking through Explores and content to eradicate errors is time-consuming and tedious.

Spectacles integrates with GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps so every pull request is vetted before it hits production.

Prevent data warehouse changes from breaking Looker.

Upstream warehouse changes to column names or types can break content without you knowing.

Test the impact of data warehouse changes before they go live with our dbt Cloud integration.

Trigger Spectacles whenever and however.

Spectacles adapts to your workflow, so you can run tests in whatever way suits your team.

Test a dev branch manually or on pull request, tell your orchestration DAG to kick off tests via our API, or schedule a daily run after your morning ETL job.

Stop accidentally breaking dashboards.

Spectacles features an improved content validator to confirm changes to LookML won’t bork your vital company dashboards and Looks.

Exclude errors that are already in production or from content in personal spaces so you can focus on the errors that matter.

Cutting-edge data teams use Spectacles.

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