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Data Analyst

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ New York

About The Data Analyst Role

Cyndx is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that offers β€œsearch and discovery” solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, and acquirers. Our subscription-based solution helps enhance capital raising, acquisitions, and other business opportunities.

Cyndx helps investors, advisors, and companies identify business opportunities by combining innovative AI-technology with the most comprehensive database of private company data on the market. We began in 2013, with the idea to offer global curated private market data to help organizations grow. Since then, we've built a predictive engine and efficient technology that provides accurate insights, facilitate matchmaking, and create valuable opportunities for all parties of the private market ecosystem. We make data actionable to help companies identify growth opportunities and meet their goals.

Cyndx is looking for a Senior Data Analyst with experience with modern data warehouses and deploying reliable, repeatable analytics code both in SQL and Python. You will work directly with some of the largest data providers in the world to help facilitate deal origination.

This role is hybrid and requires working from a centrally located in either our NYC or West Palm Beach office for three days a week.

At Cyndx You Will

  • Help to develop our data analytics pipelines that aggregate data from over twenty million companies around the world and feeds into an AI driven platform.
  • Design and implement data structures capable of modeling data from many sources and store it in such a way that our various engineering groups can properly ingest the data
  • Help develop analytics that will be embedded directly into our platform
  • Handle the challenges that come with reporting on terabytes of data
  • Help with the automation of our systems as well as monitoring


  • The ability, perseverance, and fortitude to dive deep into data pipelines to troubleshoot front end issues
  • 1+ years experience in data analytics
  • 1+ years experience in data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift or Snowflake). You know why not to use SELECT * FROM ....
  • 1+ years with advanced SQL techniques. You should be able to debate when to use a common table expression and be well-versed in window-functions
  • 1+ years experience in Python or a similar language
  • 1+ years experience in data modeling tools such as DBT

We're also looking for:

  • Being able to communicate and understand complex technical issues in English


  • Enjoy writing clean code that is easy to maintain and understand. Everything that we do is code-reviewed and we always try to raise the bar
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of private equity firms, VC's and family offices
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