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What our customers say

"We're big fans of Spectacles and how it levels up the development experience when using Looker"

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Brooklyn Data
Analytics Engineering Consultancy

"Spectacles helped us identify both schema and bespoke-SQL differences. We couldn't have successfully done warehouse migration without Spectacles!"

Bryan Kaufman headshot
Bryan Kaufman
Analytics Engineering Manager

"Our CI/CD pipelines are just getting more robust and reliable! Kudos to Spectacles for his continuous support during the onboarding phase !"

Mehdi Labassi headshot
Mehdi Labassi

"Spectacles has been a lifesaver. I don't know how we'd get things done without it."

Thomas Jacob headshot
Thomas Jacob
Data Analyst

"We love Spectacles at Epidemic Sound - and now even more with the LookML Linter"

Valentin Leister Headshot
Valentin Leister
Data Consultant