Continuous Integration

Deploy LookML
with confidence

Move fast, but don't break things. Spectacles tests LookML before you merge so Looker runs smoothly for all your users, all the time.

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Uphold the trust of your business

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Spectacles helps your team write LookML users can count on. Ensure LookML changes don’t break critical content or introduce hidden errors.

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Test Explores 10x faster than a human could. Every change automatically vetted before it hits production.

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Spend less time making nit-picky style requests and manually testing Explores and more time on value for your business.

Keep errors out of production

Rest easy - Spectacles will find hidden errors in Looker before your users do.

Identify dimensions
with SQL errors

Looker’s built-in validator doesn't check for SQL errors, only LookML syntax errors. Spectacles finds SQL errors by running queries in your database, ensuring your Explores actually work.

Stylized Spectacles SQL error found in LookML code.
Spectacles content validation error found in code change.

Prevent changes
that break dashboards

Our improved content validator confirms that changes to LookML won’t wreck the vital dashboards your users depend on. Validating content in Looker is tedious. Spectacles excludes legacy errors and errors in personal spaces so you can focus on problems that matter.

Promote tidy,
standardized LookML

Our LookML linter flags bad LookML practices and code that doesn't match your team's style guide. Start with our 20+ predefined rules or write your own custom rules.

Spectacles style validator error found in LookML code.

Beyond Looker

Spectacles seamlessly integrates with dbt Cloud and popular Git hosting providers.

Looker error message from upstream change, i.e. dbt, Dagster, Airflow

Prevent database changes from breaking Looker

LookML changes aren't the only culprits—simple changes to columns in your data warehouse can break content without you knowing. See how data warehouse changes will affect Looker before they go live with our dbt Cloud integration.

Version Control Tools, GitHub, Gitlab, and Azure DevOps

Test changes automatically

We integrate with GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps to test LookML pull requests automatically. Or, use our API to build a custom workflow in the CI platform of your choice.

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Stop stressing about Looker today

Spectacles saves you hours of bug-fixing and boosts confidence in your Looker dashboards. Book a call with our Looker experts to find out how!