An Introduction to the Looker API | Spectacles Webinar

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Part of the magic of Looker is that it has an API that allows you to do anything you can do in Looker’s application. This unlocks a world of possibilities, including tools like Spectacles that are built on the Looker API.

In this webinar, we'll be discussing the reasons why you might want to use the Looker API and walk through the various ways you can interact with the Looker API, including Looker’s API Explorer.

The webinar will be presented by the team at Spectacles who have spent most of their careers working with the Looker API. There will be a Q&A portion where you can ask the team questions about the Looker API.

Webinar Recording

Recording coming soon!

Date & Time

January 25, 2023

9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT


Headshot of Spectacles co-founder Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker
Co-Founder, Spectacles
Headshot of Spectacles co-founder Josh Temple
Josh Temple
Co-Founder, Spectacles
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