Linting LookML with LAMS and lkmlstyle | Spectacles

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Linters are a great way to enforce a style guide on your code. In LookML, a style guide might include naming conventions, description requirements and much more. With a linter, you can easily make sure that all developers are following your style guide without needing human intervention.

In this webinar, we'll be discussing why you should lint your LookML code and how you can do it with tools like LAMS and lkmlstyle, the upcoming linter from the team at Spectacles. We'll also demo the new linter built directly into the Spectacles hosted application.

The webinar will be presented by the teams at Infinite Lambda and Spectacles. Both teams have worked extensively with LookML linters and you’ll have the opportunity during the Q&A to ask questions of both teams.

Webinar Recording

Recording coming soon!

Date & Time

January 11, 2023

9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT


Headshot of Spectacles co-founder Dylan Atlas-Baker
Dylan Atlas-Baker
Co-Founder, Spectacles
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