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Snowflake and Looker make an amazing combo. Auto-scaling warehouses for whenever all your users are running their favourite dashboards makes an engineer or analyst's job very easy. However, if you're not careful, your Snowflake costs can gradually build over time or your Looker performance might degrade without ongoing tweaking of your Snowflake setup. In this webinar, we'll walk through how you can make sure you're making the most of the Snowflake/Looker one-two punch, while keeping your costs in check.

The webinar will be led by Niall Woodward, Co-Founder at SELECT. Niall has years of experiencing optimizing Snowflake warehouses for clients and is now building SELECT to help bring his expertise to the masses.

If you have any questions about your own setup, there will also be a Q&A after the presentation. You won't want to miss it.

Webinar Recording

Recording coming soon!

Date & Time

February 22, 2023

9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT


Profile photo of Niall Woodward, Co-Founder at SELECT
Niall Woodward
Co-Founder at SELECT
Headshot of Spectacles co-founder Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker
Co-Founder, Spectacles
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