Using A Hub And Spoke Architecture For Looker Instances

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Scaling organizations often face complex data challenges. Looker is a powerful tool, but without proper structure, it can lead to confusing front-end Explorers and contradictory metrics. Enter the Hub and Spoke Looker architecture: a scalable, efficient solution for managing and organizing data across large teams.

Join Mitchell Posluns, Analytics Manager at ASSURANCE IQ, as he shares his experience scaling Looker from 10 devs to 55, and increasing weekly users from 100 to 350. Mitchell has successfully deployed embedded use cases for front-end user apps and multi-instance setups for external partners. In this webinar, Mitchell will cover:

  1. Overview of the Looker landscape
  2. Challenges faced by growing data teams
  3. Implementing the Hub and Spoke Architecture
  4. Cultural and technical considerations, including the Data Mesh framework
  5. Practical applications for multi-instance management, domain-specific development, and permissions

Discover how to implement a Hub and Spoke Looker architecture to enhance your data management and analytics as your organization grows. Don't miss the Q&A session with Mitchell!

Webinar Recording

Recording coming soon!

Date & Time

May 17, 2023

9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT


Mitchell Posluns Headshot
Mitchel Posluns
Analytics Manager, ASSURANCE IQ
Headshot of Spectacles co-founder Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker
Co-Founder, Spectacles
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